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Barbie Polar Marine Biologist Doll

Barbie doll is an adventurous spirit, always enthusiastic about exploring the world, and she’s partnered with National Geographic to encourage imagination, expression and discovery through play. Study oceans and marine life with the Polar marine Biologist -she wears a professional outfit with themed accessories that include a Penguin. Collect all of the Barbie National Geographic…

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Barbie Science Lab Playset

Barbie career dolls and playsets inspire kids to dream big and aim high! Barbie playsets turn the workspace into a play space with job-related furniture and accessories that let young professionals explore their dream aspirations. Each has storytelling pieces with signature Barbie style, for lots of learning and playing opportunities. The science lab leads to…

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Barbie Beekeeper Playset Review

I don’t know about you, but I would never have thought Barbie as a apiarist! You know, someone who looks after bees. But given all the other things this popular character has done, why not have Beekeeper Barbie? Barbie celebrates her 60th birthday this year but luckily she never fact she gets prettier and…

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