FurReal Munchin’ Rex – Get Yours For Christmas!

Forget the toys that kids just put to one side. The Munchin’ Rex is another quality product from the FurReal Friends. We know how much kids adore Jurassic World and what a gift it will be for Christmas!

The FurReal Munchin’ Rex is a baby dinosaur with amazingly lifelike and playful features. He loves treats and will react differently depending on the treat you give him.

FurReal Munchin’ Rex  can go with Munchin’ Rex shopping or run errands. It makes their life more exciting even when performing chores around the house. The baby dino is programmed to behave like a real T-Rex with jungle-like sounds.

Its unpredictable nature means you can expect surprises! This can be the best gift for Christmas for your kids and you can be guaranteed they will love you for it. Every time he is ready to eat, the fun-loving dino will hop and beg for your attention. He likes to play with his food and has no table manners!


  • Treat time is a fun time! The Munchin’ Rex makes more than 35 sounds and you won’t get tired of playing with him all day long.
  • The toy comes installed with sensors on his mouth and head and will respond to touch by making burping, slurping or even roaring sounds.
  • He gets excited when kids wave at him.
  • He has poseable arms.
  • The baby dino pet can be picky when he feels like it. Depending on his moods, he can find the treats yummy or yucky!
  • This lovable toy is huggable and coos when happy.
  • The package comes with a milk bottle, caveman cookies, broccoli treat, and 4 AA batteries.

How it functions

As mentioned above, the Munchin’ Rex loves to slurp on his bottle. His funny responses can be triggered by a simple wave or his favorite treat – broccoli or caveman snacks that are provided. Dinosaurs love to eat but you don’t need to worry about their treats. The package provides various treats which are made of plastic giving your kids a chance to be creative.

Target age

The Munchin’ Rex is suitable for kids from 4 years. It is not recommended for small kids because of the parts that can easily chock the kid. Additionally, the baby dino responds to specific gestures that a younger kid (below 3 years) may be unable to comprehend.

Where to buy

This product can be bought at Amazon.com. So, go ahead and give your kids an unforgettable memory with this amazing lifelike baby T-Rex.


The Munchin’ Rex will excite any child with its various motions and sounds. This cool gift will keep your kids busy all day long while awakening their creative side, find it for one of the lowest prices at Amazon.com.

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