furReal Munchin Rex – Makes The Perfect Gift For Christmas

Looking for the best Christmas presents early for your little ones? the furReal Munchin’ Rex makes the absolute perfect toy and is sure to be a hit under the tree this year!

This adorable baby is a growing dinosaur and has developed quite an appetite for his favorite types of food. The main course is his bottle, which he will very happily eat from, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his treats! feed the furReal Munchin’ Rex either broccoli or his caveman cookies and he will respond. Your little ones can find out from the baby dino whether he thinks its delicious or not so much!

furReal Munchin Rex Features

This hungry dino features more than 35 sound and motion combinations. watch as he responds when being pet, waved, fed, and interacted with. the Munchin’ Rex dances, begs and jumps in excited when it’s time to eat, and definitely loves to play with kids (and of course, his food). Your children will have a blast playing make-believe in ancient prehistoric times with the abundance of dino-habitat sounds.

The baby dino is not without surprises however, just like us, he’s full of moods! at times, Munchin’ Rex is excited, playful and happy, and when hungry or not in particularly good spirits he can be cranky, grumpy and a little bit fussy. At the core he will always be a happy baby ready to be cuddled, fed, and provide a lot of affection and love for his best friends. Your little ones will enjoy his very huggable nature, and his unpredictability makes for a great time, any-time without any sense of boredom.

This loveable and adorable dino comes equipped with his own bottle, broccoli treat, cavemean-cookie treat, and instructions on how to use. Demo batteries are included as well (AA batteries)

Brighten up the mood this Christmas with a toy that will get your little ones buzzing with excitement. He’s unpredictable, so this is not a toy is easy to get bored of. Watch as he acts like a real baby, hungry, moody and always gives out tons and tons of affection. He will always be huggable, cute and will roar and interact with your kids whenever they want to interact with him. This is the perfect gift for anyone, ages 4 and up looking for a funny, and adorable friend this Christmas!

Should You Get furReal Munchin Rex

If you’re thinking about getting the furReal Munchin Rex this Christmas, one that is an incredible amount of fun for all children age groups, you can check it out here.

FurReal Munchin’ Rex

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  • When kids wave at him or feed him his treats, baby dino responds with 35+ sound-and-motion combinations
  • He hops and begs with excitement for treats - he might chomp on them, or try to spit them out
  • He loves his bottle, but his broccoli or caveman cookie can be yummy or yucky
  • Cool dino-habitat sounds - maybe this is what a prehistoric jungle sounded like

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