Grumblies by Skyrocket Toys

At the NY toy fair 2018, Skyrocket Company showcased a superstar toy that is definitely going to rock your little one’s collection. These Grumblies are shaggy and highly responsive to stimulation. To play with it and to get a response from them, a child needs to poke, shake, flip or hit it.

The goal is to get them agitated enough that they start to have a meltdown. It works on a point system inside their bodies and once you reach certain points, the Grumblies start to make agitated noises and shake uncontrollably.

There are basically four different Grumblies and each one stands for a different element. The Scorch is the one which represents lava, so it is obviously colored red. Hydro is the blue one which represents tsunamis. For lightning and thunder, the purple grumbly named Bolt is responsible. Tremor is the green grumbly and it represents earthquakes and landslides. If these names and descriptions were not interesting enough, there is something more than that to pique your interest sky-high!

These fun toys come with an interesting story to go with them.

Grumblies can be found deep in the depths of Earth. Veiled from mankind, they live a secret life. They are easily agitated and when they have a melt-down, they bring chaos in the form of earthquakes, destructions through lava or lightning storms. Any sort of natural disaster is because of their melt-down.

Do not take them lightly!

There have been many brave ones who tried to take the Grumblies out. But all have failed. The Grumblies have not yet been released but word has it that the makers at Skyrocket will launch it in fall this year, sometime around Christmas.

Which is a good thing because you will just have to get it as a Christmas gift for any kid and make their day. This fun toy is made for children of ages 4 and above. It can actually be a good investment to teach children about how chaotic melt-downs are. By seeing the Grumblies break down emotionally, children can see how horrible it looks and with a little guidance they can learn to control their own outbursts.

Are you wondering where to get the best price for Grumblies toy?

We know just the place. The Grumblies are to be introduced at the price of around 19.99 USD. For the best buy, get these from Amazon. To get a detailed description of what the Grumblies are all about, you need to follow the link and get excited for fall. Your kids are going to have so much fun and I am sure you will too.




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