LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Kit toy

LEGO inspires new generations with innovative creations that develop children’s imagination and push their creativity to new limits. The LEGO Boost is a brand-new innovation, consisting of a robot kit with 847 pieces that can be built into 5 models, each of them more challenging and engaging for kids. The created robot model can be customized with a code of behaviors from a free app.

The LEGO Boost robot kit can turn into the favorite playmate of kids, coming with 5 different models. Vernie is a friendly robot that can perform a range of interactive activities. After building it, you can set a code of patterns for his behavior, making him quite unique. The robot is able to express his mood, move in all directions at different speeds, and sense distance.

The movement part is ensured by the LEGO Move Hub, which gives him, also, stability. The hub has a low energy connectivity and two internal motors. Vernie has cameras embedded in his eyes that help him see objects and tell colors from each other. Moreover, the robot can dance, speak, grab accessories, wave good buy and hello, as well as launch darts given his smart moving shoulder mechanism. No one can get bored by having such playmate.

Turn Vernie the Robot into Frankie the Cat that is an extremely playful companion, being able to show facial expressions, purr, move on its own, see your face and react to your mood. The cat is very kind and engages cheerfully in every playing activity. The next model is Guitar 4000, which is an interactive musical instrument with pitch bend. The guitar delivers a variety sound effects, giving the chance to listen to funny and captivating melodies, of all kinds.

M.T.R. 4 is a strong rover with some additions from the kit. The Move Hub goes in front, being completed from behind with a pair of wheels. Given the tilt sensor, embedded in the hub, the car switches the directions while moving, and avoids obstacles. A new attachment is the spring-loaded shooter.

The last available creation is AutoBuilder, a mini factory that produces tiny LEGO models. All playing robots can be run, using a free app available on tablets and smartphones, powered by the most popular operating systems. The app provides a building instruction, and a range of tools that helps to code the behavior of robots.

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