Review of National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab

Review of National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab

This National Geographic pack comes with up to 8 amazing varieties of putty and slime, some of which include the glowing putty, fluffy slime, liquid slime, snotty slime, bouncing slime, magnetic putty, and more. All these you will get to handle and study how they react to life situations such as water and light.

The items you will find in this lab include 4 slimes and 4 putties. The putties are bouncing putty, colour changing putty, glow-in-the-dark putty, and the magnetic putty. The slimes are liquid slime, fluffy slime, snotty slime, and the stretchy slime. There is also an extra package with contains slime powder, this offers you a chance to mix-up and create your own slime.

You are not left to figure this prouct out on your own. National Geographic have provided a 16-page colorful guide with the National Geographic Mega Slime and Putty Lab.

You are ready to start handling the slimes and putties, be 100% sure it is safe for children especially those that are not below the age of 13. This package comes with storage tins and lab kits to allow you to maneuver all that’s inside. These accessories allow you to use and store back the slimes and putties easily.

This is how they putties and slimes work:

  • Magnetic Putty: just hold up a magnet on the putty, and it will attract it upwards.
  • Bouncing Putty: roll a ball of the putty and bounce everywhere like a basketball.
  • Snotty Slime: Squeeze the slime, and it will squash as squeezed.
  • Stretchy Slime: This simply stretches as you pull it either way.

National Geographic has designed this Slime and Putty Lab Kits for children to play with and enjoy. You will find 8 varieties inside. Click HERE for further details.

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