The Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate Review

Your children can be both creative and have fun with the options available on Hot Wheels Track Builder System Race Crate. This can easily becomr your new family game as you get fun watching your children challenge other children to race with this toy.

Lay the Tracks for Awesome Rides

If you are looking for the perfect present to give your child that is within the age of 6 to 12 on his or her next birthday, the Track Builder System Race Crate is the best choice especially if your child loves racing games. This product offers three distinct racing events such as the drag race, gravity drop, and the mega jump. It weighs only 5.69 pounds so the crate is easy to carry for children who would want to take it everywhere they go.
Each track has double slam launchers, a start gate, and a finish gate. All you have to do is lay the race tracks the way you want it to form either of the three racing options. Note that each crate comes with a user guide to give a brief insight as to how to lay the tracks and how to use the product generally.

And did you to know that this product comes with two Hot Wheels cars, but you may decide to buy more to increase the excitement level?

There have been complaints by some customers that this product should contain more features such as a form of a sound system, some colorful lights to brighten up the tracks, and that the race tracks should hold the cars more firmly. Do not worry; these problems will be fixed even without those features a lot of customers have given feedback as to how much they loved the product.

Grab the Wheels and Zoom!

Your child, especially the younger ones may not be able to set up the tracks so you have to carefully read through the user guide so that you can teach them how to go by it. Believe me; you are going to love the experience.

The Hot Wheel Track Builder System Race Crate was designed specifically for children within the age range of 6 to 12 years. It comes with a user guide that you can follow to create up to 3 racing events. And adding over time to the two gift Hot Wheels cars will keep the children interested for a long time.


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