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If you haven’t heard about the WowWee Mnkey toy, I am sure you soon will as there is a new toy trend going around called “Fingerlings.”

Last holiday season, parents throughout the world were continuously searching for Fingerlings. This consists of unicorns, sloths and a variety of other animals. Basically, fingerlings, as the name suggests, cling to the fingers and what’s really interesting about them is how they react to touch and sound by blowing kisses and blinking. It seems as if each time a store gets them in stock, they fly off the store shelves.

In fact, during the holiday season, people literally lined up outside of the toy store in order to buy one of these toys and unfortunately, not everyone got to, because the inventory was limited. Now, this year, we’re being introduced to WoWWee’s Fingerlings Baby Monkey …Yes, another adorable fingerling to add to your collection …

Starting out, this cute little monkey is capable of producing a total of 40 sounds …40 super adorable sounds. The monkey can start making those sounds as soon as you remove him from his box because batteries are included and they’re already inside of him.

Putting the WowWee Monkey on Your Finger

Putting the monkey on your finger is really easy to do – it will hold on to your finger, just like a monkey would hold on to a tree limb. The monkey can also dangle from your finger by its tail (the tail is curved in order to make it easy to do this).

Turning the WowWee Monkey On

There’s a button located on the top of the monkeys head. Simply switch that button to the “on” switch and as soon as it turns on, it’ll say “hello.”

How to Play with WowWee Monkey

Many will get a kick out of the monkey giving kisses. In order to make him give kisses, simply blow air towards him and he will immediately start making kissing sounds. I’ve seen instances where you simply talk towards the monkey and he’ll start making kissy sounds.

If you want to see your monkeys fun reactions, tap his head a couple of times and listen to him. In order to see his silly side, hang him upside down by his tail …he is definitely silly monkey. When you pet your monkeys head, he will show you some love, which is really cute. When you cuddle the monkey, he’ll give you a sweet reaction. On the top of the monkeys head, there’s two sensors located on his hair – squeeze those two sensors together for two seconds and he will make a super funny sound.

Conclusion re the WowWee Monkey

All in all, I believe the WoWee Monkey Fingerlings are really funny and cool. Little ones, and even adults, will be sure to get a kick out of them. The monkeys come with their own name, which can be found on the box. If you have a little boy or girl in your life, then I highly recommend this super trendy toy. Check it out on Amazon.

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